How To Love What Your Partner Loves


Posted by JM | Posted in Relationship Advice | Posted on 03-07-2010

Throughout a relationship you will be asked to do something you are not going to want to do. Or maybe just something that you absolutely would not do if you were not with your partner. I promise you – it will happen.

So what do you do? You have two choices.

  1. To go
  2. Or, to not go. That is the question…

If you have been reading this blog for a while you would understand the significance of “having time apart” you do not have to do everything that your partner likes to do. So if it is something that your partner just likes to do than it is not so much a big deal if you do not go.

However, if your partner loves doing something, like for me going to concerts – one of my favorite things to do I would pretty much expect my partner to feel my passion for going and want to enjoy the experience of going to concerts with me.

I don’t think it’s too hard to love what your partner loves. However some things are difficult. One for instance is that my girlfriend loves to go shopping. Shopping is not fun for me.

But, when she invites me to go with her, I go because I know she appreciates it. When I go shopping I have a goal in mind of what I am going to get. Kind of like a “focus”. So I do not get distracted by the items I will see on the way. For her, she likes to see everything.

But eh, it’s what she loves to do. So I try to love what she does. I don’t necessarily like the experience of shopping, I just like to watch how excited she gets over things.
by, JM

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that is really funny that you mention shopping. I don’t like to take my hubby shopping. He is like you and is in and out. I took him to the supermarket with me once. He has his list and that is what he gets.
However he likes other things and I do like doing them with him. And there are things I like like concerts. Some I like more then he but he has no problem going with me to them. Relationships are give a take. And you never know when you are going to like something that you didn’t think you would like. Great post.

its amazing the content you find on online dating

sites… I met my boyfriend online and he ended up not wanting to do anything I liked!! he refused! ughh frustrating and the reason why I ultimately dumped him

I think that compromise is an art form that takes years of practice and may never be perfected. In the first couple years of my marriage the give and take was completely out of whack. Then my friends dragged my wife and I to a workshop sponsered by which taught us how to ‘say what we want and get what we want’ and really helped. I had know idea the solution was so easy! I highly reccomend taking their couple’s checkup and see what kind of relationship you have. Maybe the answer to your problems is one click away!

Wow thanks so much, very useful post.

I am a firm believer in keeping the following things in a relationship: Saying I love you countless times in everyday,Faithfulness,Honesty&Truth,Passion&Romance,Reliance&Dependability etc…All of these seemingly can only promote positive results although I practice these things and more within my relationship I had to find something that I was not doing that was obviously of great importance.I found this site and by the grace of God and this site It was pointed out to me.I couldn’t fathom it making such a difference so I was hesitant on even trying what I felt would never have a positive effect on my love life.I decided I would and involved myself in what had been,in my mind a ladies thing and wouldn’t ever.Not me Mr.manly man,well I went on this excursion with three women.We went shopping to yard sales and I even went with them to get their nails done and ended up with a manicure and pedicure.The results were unbelievable for me and my relationship.It brought back that glow in her eyes when she looks at me,the excitement she once showed when I come home from work,the passion the romantic desires etc…
It’s real simple get involved with her hobbies,pastimes her favorite things to do.The results are amazing,I am so grateful for this site and so will you.Explore the wonderful world of the web.

I think it can be difficult to expect your partner to love what you are passionate about. Why should you expect it.
For me it would be enough that my partner supports what I love to do. I love to play golf, my wife does not. She will though, drive me to the course and leave me with some food and drink!

No love their, but great support.

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