5 Simple Ways To Be Passionate With Your Lover


Posted by JM | Posted in Relationship Advice | Posted on 03-04-2010

What’s the most important part about being in an emotional and physical relationship?

Every single person who is in a relationship spends an infinite amount of time thinking about their lover – their happiness, and their love.Me in front of a sunset

Just imagine how disappointed you would be if you went out and bought your partner dinner, only to end up getting in an argument. A relationship with a small amount of passion is like going to the zoo just to find out there are no animals.

So here are 5 ways to get and keep passion into your relationship that will thrill your partner and make them want you more then ever before.

1. Talk About Them

Passion in a relationship is often overlooked when you are away from one another. It needs to be cherished at all times. When a partner talks about another when they are not around it is one of the best things for someone to do.

2. Song Lyrics

Simply tell your lover a line of a song that reminded you of them when they were not there. This makes your partner feel special and feel like someone that is always on your mind. Most of all your lover will feel missed.

3. Hold Hands In Public

Showing a little affection in public is good for a couple. It gives off the vibe to one another that you are proud to be with one another. It’s one of those things that actions really speak louder than words.

4. Welcome Kisses

When you see each other after not seeing each other for a while give your lover a kiss. This shows him/her that you missed him/her when they were gone. Kissing a lover and getting kissed from a lover never gets old.

5. Old Fashioned

Not all the time otherwise this can kind of lose it’s effect but open up your lover’s car door for him/her. Doing something as little as that can show your lover that you still care.

So which one of these 5 techniques do you use in your relationship?

by, JM

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Comments (3)

I agree! I can say that for me, the little things go a long way. Opening doors, an unexpected kiss on the cheek, a simple “thinking about you” text… these all help to make me feel happy and secure in the relationship. And believe me, when your woman feels happy and secure, life is much better for everyone! I assume it’s the same the other way around as well. :)

It definitely goes both ways. Thanks for your comment!

I don’t want to sound like I’m tooting my own horn,but I do all of those things! Sounds silly really I think just being a gentlemen and caring about your partner it all comes naturally. Also guys when it comes to passion, ALWAYS please your lady a few times before you yourself. Orally is the best way to do this,a women want to be made love to not have sex!! She will love you for it!!!

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