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Why am I trusted? My girlfriend tells me she trusts me because I have not done anything to make it so she should not. She tells me if she did not trust me we probably we would not be together. That’s how I feel as well.

Trust is one of the biggest reasons our relationship works. If you feel like you don’t trust the person you are with you are really missing out on one of the best parts of being with someone.

Just letting them know who are, what you are doing, and what you are going to do next, and completely trusting them with this information is awesome. The sooner you start that better it will be.

10 Reasons Why Am I Trusted?

  1. Ordinarily, I don’t do things out of the blue.
  2. When I do something different I communicate it with my girlfriend.
  3. When I say something, it will match what I mean it to say.
  4. I am competent in the things that I do.
  5. I don’t keep any secrets.
  6. I let my needs be known.
  7. She knows who I am.
  8. I know how to say “No.”
  9. I communicate with her calmly.
  10. We try new things together.

These 10 reasons are reasonable for anyone to practice in their relationship, and it’s some advice I would advise anyone that is in a relationship to use. I am now going to go into a little more detail for these 10 Reasons why I am trusted.

Relationship Trust (1) – Ordinarily, I don’t do things out of the blue.

It’s not that I am predictable because I certainly am not. I’m just saying that that I’m not ever trying to hide anything from my partner. I try to let her know everything that is going on in my life, and she tries to let me know everything that is going on in hers.

Sometimes we neglect to tell each other what we are doing but it is fairly minimal, and now that I think about it a little more we actually don’t keep anything from each other. Why should we? We trust each other.

Relationship Trust (2) – When I do something different I communicate it with my girlfriend.

If I am going to do something I communicate it with my partner. Communication is a big key when it comes to trusting someone. For example, on a normal day I usually don’t go out to a bar with my friends, so when I do I let my girlfriend know about it, and usually invite her to come along too.

Having time away from your partner is good for every relationship and both my girlfriend and I believe this strongly. In order for us to feel good when the other person is out we need to trust each other.

Relationship Trust (3) – When I say something, it will match what I mean it to say.

Sometimes people will have a hard time with this one. It is hard to always tell your partner what you mean to actually be telling him/her. A good example of this is having a conversation about something that may cause a problem through a text message.

My girlfriend and I understand that texts are easily misinterpretted because it is hard to show your true feelings when you are just writing something that is one sentence long. In order to prevent this from happening to us we keep texting to a minimum.

Common things we text each other are:

  • I love you.
  • I miss you.
  • I’ll be there in 15 minutes.
  • I’m on my lunch break at work.

Those are the common things we text each other, and the reasoning behind that is because we understand that if there is something that we need to tell each other we can wait until there is a good time to talk on the phone, or better yet see each other in person.

Relationship Trust (4) – I am competent in the things that I do.

Being someone who is competent means that I am good at doing many things well. So when she asks me to do something she trusts that I will do it correctly. When she communicates with me it will make it easier, but for the most part I can figure out what she wants done.

Relationship Trust (5) – I don’t keep any secrets.

The only time I am hiding anything from my girlfriend is when I am trying to surprise her with something. A good surprise is always fun and healthy, but keeping secrets from your partner is not.

If I was hiding something from my girlfriend she would probably be able to tell because I am not a very good liar. However, even if you are a good liar I would advise you strongly not to keep things from your partner because if they catch you hiding something it could cause big problems.

You will get in trouble in trouble in your relationship if your partner finds out you have been hiding something. This is because your partner will not know what to believe from then forward. I am not saying I tell my girlfriend each time I go out to get coffee before work, or go get gas. That stuff is fine. I am just saying if someone from my past decides to try to contact me I let her know. As I completely trust that she does the same for me.

Relationship Trust (6) – I let my needs be known.

This one is really important and many of my friends have gotten themselves into big holes in their relationship because they had a hard time communicating this at first. Certainly when you first start seeing someone you are not being exactly who you are, because you are trying to impress the person you are with.

If you have been with someone for a month and you still have not told your partner what your needs are it is time to start communicating them. Worst comes to worst they tell you that they can’t fulfill those needs. Would that really be bad?

Relationship Trust (7) – She knows who I am.

My girlfriend knows how much she could get out of me because she knows who I am. I have told her through expressions, words, and actions. She knows that I am not just interested in hanging out with her because we have sex.

My girlfriend betters me and that is one of the biggest reasons I am with her.

Relationship Trust (8) – I know how to say “No.”

If something just does not seem right I let my girlfriend know and I explain myself. For example, let’s say my girlfriend was going to go out with a couple friends and one of her ex-boyfriends was going to be there. Something that may make me feel a little uncomfortable, although I know she would probably avoid her ex’s because of the respect she has for me. I would tell her that I don’t feel comfortable.

Or another example could be something way smaller than this like, “Can you clean the bathroom?” Usually, I won’t just stop everything that I am doing to go clean the bathroom, I say something like this: “I will clean the bathroom after the Chargers beat the Raiders.” (Those are NFL teams, America’s football)

Saying something like that is giving her the answer that she wants to hear along with being able to watch what I want to watch, and that is watching the Chargers beat the Raiders.

Relationship Trust (9) – I communicate with her calmly.

When we do get into a dispute I will never raise my voice and the main reason for this is so she trusts me. Think about it like this, would you trust someone who was yelling at you, or someone that was confident in their responses and who talked in a calm manner?

I say speaking calmly all the way. I know your partner may be speaking over you or more loud than you, but just wait for them to be done and then speak. Since you listened to what your partner had to say that would be rude not to listen to you, especially if you spoke calmly about it.

Relationship Trust (10) – We try new things together.

Something that makes me feel really special is when my girlfriend wants to do something new or go eat some where new she invites me. I feel really important to her when she does this. Doing these kinds of gestures continuously will bring the trust out of your relationship.

So Why Am I Trusted?

I’m trusted for all of these 10 reasons above. I hope that it was some good relationship advice for you and you can use them in your relationships. If you have any comments please write them in the comments section below this post. I will get back to each one of them!
by, JM

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