7 Ideas For What To Say To Your Girlfriend When She Is Crying


Posted by JM | Posted in Relationship Advice | Posted on 25-03-2010

A relationship will have it’s good times and it’s bad. Hopefully the good times out way the bad but I do not want to go off into tangents here. You are reading this to find out what to say to your girlfriend when when she is crying. So here are the 7 suggestions.

1. “Your eyes look pretty… even when you cry.

  • Saying a little compliment like this can go a long way. It could even make her laugh which leads me to the next thing you can say to your girlfriend when she is crying.

2. “I farted so loud over in that corner… I wonder if anyone could smell it.

  • You do not necessarily need to say this, just something along the lines of this. Something that will grab the attention of your girlfriend to prevent her from crying, and to get her laughing and maybe even talk about something else.

3. “Remember the time when you told me that…

  • Change the subject. Always a good way to get someone to stop crying.

4. “Is there anything I can do to make you cheer up? Do you want to go get some ice cream?

  • Believe it or not this works really well. Showing her that you care and you want her to be happy makes her feel wanted therefore will cheer up.

5. “If I kiss you would that make you feel better?

  • Your girlfriend would have to be pretty lame to decline that question. After a good old kiss things for her will feel much better.

6. “Remember how you were saying you want to do… (fill in the blank), how about we look into that and maybe I can take a day off of work so we can go!

  • When you give her a suggestion like this, she will not be able to resist. For multiple reasons this should be an instant “stop crying” idea if you ask me. 1) It reminds her that you are listening to what she wants. 2) Going somewhere she wants will get her mind off of the reason why she is so upset. And, 3) She will realize how good she has it because she has such a great boyfriend.

7. “I love you more then anything.

  • When a girl is told this they melt every time. Even when they are crying.

So there you have it 7 things to say to your girlfriend when she is crying. If none of these ideas work for you or if you have another idea of what to say to your girlfriend when she is crying, please comment below in the comments!

by, JM

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What do you say to your girlfriend to calm her down when she is crying?

i love u. but some times it dosn’t work.

your face is so butiful why cover it in tears

good right–matthew fraser canada

Great Jm you really made me laugh. You have some really good idea’s on this.

Your really doing your home work when it comes to women. Bless your heart.

That was really fun reading, keep it up and thank you.

Thank you very much. I am enjoying reading your blog as well! When your girlfriend is crying it is kind of an awkward time for the boyfriend. It always seems awkward for me at least so hopefully this can help some people out!


Practical advice.

When girls are crying, we feel the need to protect them. Too often, men want to “fix” the problem by tackling it head on- I’m glad to see you didn’t mention it!

Often, what she really needs is someone to listen and understand what she is feeling and going through- not offer advice on how to solve the problem. It’s a tough habit to break.


Thanks for your feedback on my article! You are right. Men in general look to “fix” a problem, usually quickly. That is not the way to go about trying to get a girlfriend to come down. This is also why I did not include that in this post.

Thank you for your comment,

hey,so interesting,thanks,but since ive read this article my gf hasnt cried to let me try ure ideas,but someday it will be useful ;) by the way,name and mail and website are all fake,why do u insist on writing that?have fun anyway…

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