Lack Of Foreplay: The Biggest Mistake A Man Could Make


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When a man wants to have sex they want to have sex.  Forgetting about foreplay before they do is a huge turn off for their woman.

What Is Foreplay?

You can go to dictionaries and go look it up, but my definition of foreplay is the acts you have with your partner before having actual intercourse.

What’s On The Foreplay Menu?

  1. Kissing
  2. Caressing
  3. Oral Sex
  4. Touching
  5. Groping
  6. Hugging
  7. Talking Dirty
  8. Etc. – There are many ways to be good at foreplay.  I will talk about them more in articles the future.

If a man does not use some kind of foreplay before having sex, you can probably assume that they do not know what they are doing.  They should of at least heard about it, so they could engage in it.  Any woman that you ask will tell you that plenty of foreplay makes great sex.  So if you are not practicing foreplay with your lady I encourage you to keep reading.  If you do practice foreplay with your lady and you feel like you have it down, maybe this article can teach you something new.  The truth is that foreplay turns a horny boy into a gentlemen.

Lack Of Foreplay: Should Not Happen

It does not matter if you are young or old.  It does not matter if you have never had sex before. Foreplay works well and works every time.

Why Does Foreplay Work?

It is giving the woman their needs. They have different chromosomes then men, they have different needs then men.  They want and need foreplay far more then they even want to have sex!  This is not because they need something extra to get going, but it is because it fills their emotional needs.

Woman just want to feel needed, and that is what foreplay does for them.  Doing the acts of foreplay like kissing, and hugging make woman think that you think more of them other then just something to have sex with.  It makes them feel appreciated.

When you are in serious relationship, there are certain physical bonds and privileges that only you, her partner, can be aware of and know about. Foreplay is one of those things. No one can connect with her more then you are able to.  Not even her best girl friend.  That is because she can not do that her body. Only you have the privilege to do things like foreplay to her. Do not under use the foreplay card.

How Come It Is So Much Easier To Suck At Foreplay?

As I’ve said, foreplay works, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or expert, you can get a woman going. But when a well intentioned guy fumbles, it’s not necessarily because he’s a jerk or that he fundamentally sucks. He’s probably still getting the hang of it.

Moreover, foreplay involves a lot of being in the moment. Which, again, the goal-oriented fellows don’t do. We don’t ruminate, we’re always on the move, always making things happen, changing the world. The slow and steady build up that women like goes against every force of habit. We don’t even know what the heck being in the moment really means.

When guys operate as if sex involves paper work or deadlines, they may do their darn best, but they will still suck if they don’t stop acting as if they’re at the office.

So there you have it. A in-depth look at one of the biggest mistakes men make when making love with women.
by, JM

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